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There’s lots of advantages to being five-foot-nine — seeing above the crowd at concerts (when those were a thing) and always being able to reach the top shelf of the pantry — but finding jeans that fit me is not one of them. To put it into perspective, the average inseam for skinny jeans is about 28 inches, but I have a 32-inch inseam, so I’m always looking at a solid four-inch crop unless I buy the tall versions, which can be more expensive or in limited stock — especially when I’m trying to hit the sales section. And unlike petite women, who can have pants hemmed if they’re too long, I’m out of luck when my pants are too short, because it’s not like I can add extra fabric. Because I completely understand the struggle, I spoke to 13 tall women, between the heights of five-foot-eight and six-foot-six, to find their favorite skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, even flared jeans that actually fit.

Madewell Tall Curvy Roadtripper Jeans in Playford Wash

Three of our experts called out Madewell as an exceptional place to buy tall jeans. Hannah Starke, a Strategist social-media editor who’s five-foot-ten, says these are “the only jeans that fit my body correctly.” Because she’s curvy, she typically has to size up in jeans in order to account for her hips, but these from Madewell are designed with more room in the hips and a longer rise to accommodate those with an hourglass shape, so she can buy true-to-size. “These hit my natural waist and fit it properly, but they also fit my hips and thighs, which has never happened to me before in the history of jeans,” Starke adds. They have a 30 1/2–inch inseam and come in non-curvy options, in case you don’t need the extra hip room.

ASOS Design Tall Ridley High Waisted Skinny Jeans in Rich Mid Blue Wash

The tallest experts I consulted all recommend ASOS’s tall brand, which Alicia Jay, founder of tall-focused fashion blog Tall Swag, describes as “fabulous” and something of a sleeper hit. Because she’s six-foot-six, she looks to brands that offer her as many options as possible, with as long of inseams as possible, and the jeans at ASOS go up to 38 inches. Plus, they’re all actually good quality for the price. Opal Hoyt, lead singer of Zenizen, also likes the longer fit of ASOS, calling them “an affordable standard skinny jean.” If you don’t need quite that much length, they also have pairs with just a 32-inch inseam.

Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans

“Good American is known for their fit and have been size inclusive since day one,” says Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe and body-positivity advocate. They have nearly a 30-inch inseam, go up to a size 24, and are made with a so-called “recovery fabric,” which “gives you more wears between washes and preserves the pair’s original shape,” according to Sturino. So even though they’re skinny jeans, “they’re so comfortable and feel really good to put on.”

Old Navy High-Waisted Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans for Women

Starke also recommends Old Navy for tall jeans “because they’re very cheap and very comfy.” Plus, they’re surprisingly good quality. “I’ve had my favorite pair for over a year, and I’m not careful with them at all, but they still look and fit great,” she says. This pair comes with a 33-inch inseam, and while most cheap jeans have that “jegging” feel, these don’t: “They’re slightly stretchy, but not in a weird jegging way. Being curvy, I won’t wear jeans that don’t have some kind of stretch.”

Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Women's Jeans

Lucy Litman, who’s five-foot-eight, says these jeans “have the perfect amount of stretch and come with an option for an extended length.” Their tall inseam is 32 inches — their regular is 30 inches — and they come in a wide variety of washes, so you could buy multiple pairs, if you were really into them, without it looking like you only own one pair of jeans. They’re labeled as having “extreme stretch” but don’t give you that jegging feel. Litman also loves the high rise on this pair: “They go up really, really high, which is perfect if you have a longer torso like me.”

Torrid Sky High Skinny Jean Premium Stretch Dark Wash

Sturino recommends Torrid for any tall, plus-size women because “they’re comfy and affordable, with a great fit.” The brand offers two different tall inseams — tall, which is 30 inches, and extra tall, which is 32 inches — to better customize your fit. But unlike other skinny jeans, which can become baggy toward the ankles, “these maintain their shape all the way down, which can be hard to find,” Sturino says.

Spanx Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans

Yes, these are jeggings. But don’t disregard them. Sarah Agate, an account manager for the Lede Company, who’s six feet tall, admits this option is “kind of different” and originally she “felt weird getting Spanx pants,” but she’s now “obsessed.” She calls the tall option “the perfect length for your legs and are also properly high-waisted.” As she explains, “One of my biggest issues in finding pants as a six-foot woman is that they never seem to be long enough and also tight enough at my waist. If I opt for longer pants, I usually have to go up a size and then they are too big and I’m constantly pulling them up all day.” For her, Spanx solves this problem because they “provide a snug fit” in all areas “without having to compromise on length.” She and her sister, who’s six-foot-one, now both own them. “My legs have never looked better, and I get compliments all the time,” she says. They also come in white and light-wash denim.

Amalli Talli Blakely Skinny Jean in Medium Wash

Akia Danielle, a six-foot-tall style blogger, loves Amalli Talli because the founders themselves are tall women, so “they get what we need,” she says. She describes these jeans as “fuss-free and easy to style.” They’re not as skinny as some other options, so they’re a bit more of a cigarette pant. But they come in 35- and 37-inch inseams and go up to a size 38, so you’ll be able to dial in the right fit. And if you’re not interested in blue jeans right now, they also come in black.

Height of Fashion Midnight Skinny Jeans

This is another brand designed by and specifically for tall women; the founder herself is six-foot-three. And Jay says that their skinny jeans are something “every tall girl should have in their closet,” because they’re “well-made jeans with ample stretch.” She wears their midnight skinny jeans most often. They start at size ten and go up to an 18, with two inseam choices of 34 and 36 inches.

Fashion Nova Canopy Jeans - Dark Denim

Fashion Nova Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans - Light Blue Wash

Two of our experts also recommend Fashion Nova because they “cater to curvy and tall girls,” as Esther Ongenda, Toronto-based lifestyle blogger who’s six feet tall, puts it. She notes that they don’t have a “tall” section, but the inseam lengths are generous enough to find something appropriate for your size. The high-waist skinny jeans are her “go-to pair” because they’re “stretchy, cozy, and trendy.” They have an inseam of 31 inches and a high waist to accentuate her curves. Nailah Geter, founder of Cocoa Butter Kisses Cosmetics, who’s five-foot-ten, prefers their canopy jeans, which also hug her curves, but they’re distressed in just the right spots for tall women so you don’t awkwardly have rips on, say, your thighs, instead of your knees. They have a 30-inch inseam and also come in plus sizes.

Gap Sky High Rise Mom Jean

Emily Atkinson, a Nashville-based teacher who’s five-foot-nine, recommends Gap as an alternative to Madewell, since the tall jeans at Madewell tend to sell out in tall sizes quickly, especially on sale. She’s currently “obsessed” with these mom jeans because they’re made from “super-sturdy denim and they’re super-high-rise, like right above my belly button.” She admits she doesn’t “have a ton of shape,” so they work well for her narrow frame. But they go up to a size 35, with a 35-inch inseam to accommodate many different sizes. “My sister told me I looked like a ’90s mom the other day, which is a huge compliment for me,” Atkinson adds.

ASOS Design Tall High Rise 'Slouchy' Mom Jeans in Midwash

Along with Jay, Ongenda loves ASOS for tall jeans, and she prefers the mom jeans to their skinnier styles because they can be “dressed up or down” — although we’re probably doing more dressing down at this point — and to her, “the quality is unmatched.” In Ongenda’s experience, jeans purchased from ASOS hold up “even after a ton of washes,” despite the lower price. These jeans come in 36- and 38-inch inseams, and you can also buy black and distressed versions.

ASOS Design Tall High Rise Stretch 'Slim' Straight Leg Jeans in Mid Vintage Wash

Danielle also loves ASOS, and though these are similar to the pair Ongenda recommended, the cut is slimmer, in case you’d prefer something more tailored. And she likes that these are a bit more trendy. Like the skinny jeans, they come in both 36- and 38-inch inseams and go up to a size 38.

Warp + Weft Oak Modern Straight 30

Julie Rephen, a former Glossier retail employee who’s five-foot-eight, recently started buying from Warp + Weft because every pair is under $100, eco-conscious, and size-inclusive. Although not all of its jeans have inseams suitable for taller women, this pair is, with a 30-inch inseam. They’re a straight-leg jean, and while a majority of our experts recommended high-rise options for tall women, these have only a mid-rise. Rephen doesn’t have this specific pair, but in general, she says the company’s jeans offer a “medium amount of stretch,” meaning, “they don’t dig in the way other jeans do when you sit down in a chair, but they still very much feel like jeans.” She says the stretchiest part is the waist, which for her is “nice for when you want to tuck shirts in — you’re not fighting for space between the waist of the jeans and your literal skin.”

Veronica Beard Florence High-Rise Flare Jean

Sturnio urges tall women to embrace their height and wear a flare style, because “a flare celebrates long legs and even elongates them further.” She loves these high-rise flares from Veronica Beard because they’re “not your average pair of jeans.” They feature external pockets on the front (as well as on the back, where they traditionally are), and Sturino describes them as being almost “more like a trouser,” so they’re “ideal for work to play.” Plus, they’re really long. “I forgot how much I love the fit and that they are long,” Sturino says. While this pair is their extended-sizes option, the jeans do come in straight sizes, too.

Jesse Queen Collection Bella Denim

Jay also recommends the flare style for tall women to complement your figure, and she calls Jesse Queen “literally the queen of the wide-leg jean” because these have a 42-inch inseam, so they’ll fit pretty much all tall women. (Reminder, Jay is six-foot-six, and these work for her.) Jesse Queen does the sizing on these a bit differently: Instead of going by waist size, they go from small to 3XL. In case you’re not sure what to order, the company includes a helpful sizing chart toward the bottom of the page so you can pick the right fit for you based on your measurements and usual size. They don’t have any pockets, which notably enhances your booty and gives you a rounder shape, if that’s what you’re looking for. And they even come in white, in case you want another pair.

Still Here Thin Bone Line Childhood Jeans

“I’m a fan of really anything from Still Here,” says Litman. This small, N.Y.-based company hand-paints each pair for a unique look. These have a 30-inch inseam with a loose, vintage-style fit and hi-rise cut. And you can find non-painted options or even more colorful pairs from them. Litman also likes these rainbow painted cropped jeans from the brand because at five-foot-eight with long legs, she says “they’re cropped just right and don’t look like capris on me.”

Alex Mill High Rise Trouser in Indigo Denim

Photo: Arian Camilleri

I bought these jeans back when I thought I’d be going to the office every day, because they’re a touch more formal than regular denim — they’re really more of a trouser — but they’re actually so lightweight and comfortable, I’ve been wearing them in quarantine, too. They have a 30-inch inseam, so they’ll only work for those on the lower end of the tall spectrum (they’re even a touch short on me), but they have a larger hem, so they could be taken down a bit if needed. With a 12-inch high rise, I could even see them working for those with longer torsos, as well. (Mine just happens to be very short.)

Nineth Closet High-Waisted Black Skinny Jeans

Founded just last year, Nineth Closet was founded by six-foot-tall Latoya Janae, who wanted to make trendy, affordable clothing suited for tall women. And Jay says although the brand is the “new kid on the tall block,” it’s “taking tall style by storm.” These black distressed skinny jeans come in 37- and 40-inch inseams, with rips at the knee that Jay says “hit right where they should,” and the high-waist rise is designed specifically for women with longer torsos. Danielle also recommends the brand (she has their bootcut jeans) because “they have the perfect stretch and make your bottom look amazing whether you are slim or curvy.”

BDG Twig High-Waisted Skinny Jean - Black

Because of her height (five-foot-nine) and curvy figure, Taylore Glynn, associate beauty editor at Marie Claire magazine, says that “finding denim with the right proportions is tough.” As she explains, “Inseams are always just a little too cropped, and most high-waisted options don’t make it past my belly button.” But these BDG jeans actually work for her. They come in two inseams — 29 and 33 inches — with an 11-inch high rise that Glynn says hits the right spot on her waist, making them extremely flattering. They’re meant to have a skintight feel, but Glynn says they “stretch like crazy for a comfy fit,” and thanks to their extended length they actually reach her ankle.

ASOS Design Curve High Rise ‘70s’ Kick Flare Jeans in Washed Black

Yes, this is another ASOS pick. But Ongenda says “a black, well-fitted jean is a must-have” for every closet. Thanks to the return of ’70s fashion, Ongenda thinks these are particularly on-trend right now (and they’re cheap enough where you’re not making a huge investment on a trend piece). They fit skinny through the thigh, then slightly flare out at the knee. “I love this pair because it hugs my curves in the right places and goes with almost anything,” she says. They range from size 14 to 24, with a 32-inch inseam.

Alloy Apparel Tall Siena Skinny Jeans

Hoyt and Jay both mention Alloy Apparel as a great place for inexpensive jeans that fit well. It’s Jay’s go-to for when she’s looking for “a timely trend in denim,” since they have “a vast array of jean styles in inseams up to 37 inches.” This white pair of jeans comes in both 35 and 37 inches and have a high-rise fit. Plus, thanks to the high-stretch material, they’re super-skinny, so they’ll hug your body. And as Jay puts it, they’re at a “stellar price point.”

Current/Elliott The Original Boyfriend Jeans

It may sound ridiculous to include cropped jeans on a post about tall jeans. But hear me out: If you do want cropped jeans to follow the trend, not all cropped jeans work for tall people. Actually, most look pretty strange because the proportions are completely off. So if you are looking for a cropped look, Lauren Witonsky, social-media editor for Health magazine, recommends looking at Current Elliott. Her specific pair is a few seasons old that she picked up at a clothing swap at the Wing, but these look similar (and you can still find hers in white). “I had been wearing skinny jeans for the longest time because I thought they were the only style that hit my ankles at the right spot, but ugh, they’re so tight and basic,” she says. These completely changed her mind. “The fit is slightly relaxed but doesn’t flare out at all at the bottom, which I think is key to wearing this style as someone who is five-foot-eight,” she adds. They have nearly a 29-inch inseam, so they might even be full-length on someone who’s tall but with shorter legs.

Madewell The Tall Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean in Summer Wash

Sturino had these Madewell jeans “in heavy rotation before summer,” and she’s eagerly awaiting her moment “to get back into them.” These have just under a 30-inch inseam, so they’ll be slightly cropped on those who have longer legs, but Sturino says the fit is perfect if the inseam works for you. “There is something perfect about the tapered leg, and they only get more comfy after wearing them.” Although they look like rigid denim, Sturino confirms they are “totally comfortable” and they even “make your butt look really good.”

BDG Premium High-Waisted Skinny Jean – Medium Wash

“Cropped pants usually end up looking like culottes on my longer calves, but these stretchy jeans hit me in just the right places,” says Glynn. These have the shortest inseam on our list at just about 27 inches — so if you’re over five-foot-nine, they probably won’t work for you — but Glynn thinks they fit really well, so much so she bought two pairs. “They’ve become my go-to bottoms whenever I feel like throwing on heels or a leather bootie,” she adds. They’re skinny jeans, but not as tight as some of the other options we’ve shown, so they’ll give you room to move around and stretch without having you feel completely constricted.

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