Caramelized sweet onions deliver veggie pizza to lifestyle

I know French Onion Soup Pizza is a unusual title, but the onions that are the main ingredient in today’s recipe are well prepared likewise to the way you would get ready them for French onion soup. 

The onions are caramelized, meaning they’re cooked minimal and gradual right up until they turn out to be a golden brown coloration, virtually silky in texture and astonishingly sweet with just a gentle onion taste. The greatest onions for caramelizing are sweet onions these types of as Vidalia, Walla Walla, Bermuda, Sweet Imperial, Oso Sweet, Texas Sweet and Maui.

Onions deliver taste, of training course, but they also source critical nutrition these kinds of as vitamin C, nutritional fiber and a beneficial antioxidant known as quercetin. Some scientific studies counsel that quercetin can protect arteries in opposition to cholesterol harm and assist avert blood clots. Other sources of quercetin contain citrus fruits, apples, tea and purple wine.