Palm Springs’ Santos Cocktail Cheese was entire world-well known

The newspaper advertisement featured a picture of Bob Hope on the still left and Bing Crosby on the right. Soon after a dozen a long time of six “Street Images,” the two ended up at the height of their fame in 1955 at the time of the advert. Involving their portraits the duplicate read through, “Bob Hope says: Santos Cocktail Cheese tends to make my tummy chuckle. Bing Crosby states: Santos Cocktail Cheese is the last detail in spreads, and I ought to know.”

Presented how critical Hope and Crosby had been, that the pair were keen to give a testimonial for a cheese spread was amazing. Santos Cocktail Cheese was without a doubt especially delicious. The comfortable mixture was unfold on to crackers or scooped with crudité. Demand for the specialty was so great it introduced a mail-order business enterprise and catering problem.